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The International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM) was established in 2006 in order to ensure the integrity and authenticity of Traditional Tibetan Medicine teachings and to promote the continuity of practice of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM).

Traditional Tibetan Medicine is a science and an art, dating back to antiquity. Although it has some superficial similarities with both Indian Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Tibetan Medicine actually has a genesis, history, and development of its own - rooted in the Tibetan landscape, the indigenous culture, and the spirit of the Tibetan people.

One of the unique features of Traditional Tibetan Medicine is that although it is generally practised alongside of the Buddhist philosophy, TTM contains a comprehensive philosophy, cosmology, and system of subtle anatomy with associated spiritual practices, in its own right. In addition, TTM encompasses a wealth of knowledge on anatomy and physiology, embryology, pathology, methods of diagnosis and cure. The science of Traditional Tibetan Medicine includes a huge herbal pharmacopoeia, as well as a large body of external therapies which are little-known in the Western world.

TTM is a holistic system, meaning that it addresses the individual’s needs as a whole – body, mind and spirit – in an integrated way. This includes the individual’s internal environment, as well as the way that the individual interacts with the external environment.

It is the sincere aim of the ATTM to keep the spirit of Traditional Tibetan Medicine alive and functioning effectively in the modern world.

A medical system, if not being practised in the context of the Western world, simply becomes a museum-piece; an interesting but fossilised artefact with little modern relevance.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine has the capacity be of great benefit to all in the current economic and social climate.

Activities of the International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine are:

Presentation of public talks and general-interest seminars on TTM
Facilitation of speciality-courses on Traditional Tibetan Medicine, psychology and related healing sciences
Facilitation of study-tours to Tibet
Facilitation of Wellbeing courses and retreats
Publication of the ‘Journal of Traditional Tibetan Medicine’
an academic journal of TTM and related topics
Publication and distribution of textbooks and teaching materials pertaining to TTM

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